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Job Vacancy Notice

Vice President of Sales

Employer Description:

Larson Leather Company, Inc. seeks an experienced full-time Vice President of Sales for its Bedford, Texas, headquarters.  The company is a full-line leather agent and distributor serving the international boot, shoe and belt trade.  The company services boot and shoe manufacturers from the U.S., Mexico and elsewhere.  The company sources leather materials worldwide and strictly complies with all exotic leathers trade regulations enforced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Job Vacancy Location:


  • Corporate Headquarters - Bedford, Texas


Application Closing Date --  March 15, 2021


  • See instructions below on how qualified applicants may apply.


Minimum Educational Requirements:


  • 4-year bachelor's degree (US or foreign equivalent) in business or a commercial

          discipline like administration, management, marketing or finance.


Minimum Experience Requirements:

  • 3 years verifiable US or foreign experience in leather tanning processes/operations.   

  • English/Spanish fluency for communication with clients and customers.

  • Basic proficiency with Microsoft Office, Excel


  • Travel up to about 40%, primarily U.S. domestic and Mexico.


Preferred but not mandatory:


  • 2-year master's degree in a business or commercial discipline.

  • Knowledge of exotic leathers and US Fish and Wildlife/CITES regulations. 

  • Knowledge and experience with Leon, Mexico tanning and footwear manufacturing industry.


Vice President of Sales Professional Job Duties:


  • Responsible executive directly accountable to company President to formulate and execute overall company sales strategy for U.S., Mexican and world markets.

  • Direct oversight of domestic and international sales of all company product lines.

  • Ensures accurate pricing/discount rate formulations for company products.

  • To enable maximum capture of market opportunities, continuously communicates with U.S., Mexican and other suppliers on product pricing and inventory.

  • Continuously reviews sales methods and adapts them to market conditions.

  • Ensures company sales personnel are properly trained and well-informed about products, pricing and inventory.

  • Confers in English/Spanish with existing and potential clients/customers about their needs.

  • Identifies/exploits strategic sales opportunities with domestic/foreign customers.

  • Ensures proper management of key customer relationships, and swift resolution of customer concerns.

  • Oversees/ensures company system for timely execution of customer orders in strict compliance with sales contract terms.

  • Continuously compiles, reviews and interprets data on customer and prospective customer inquiries and interactions. 

  • Uses data on customer preferences, market conditions and competitors to target and calibrate direction of major sales initiatives.

  • Ensures company finance, logistics, customs and inventory control managers are continuously apprised of sales activity to enable planning and contract execution.

  • Reviews operational records continuously to project sales and profits accurately and inform budget formulation for sales activities.

  • Supervises up to 3 in-house company employees.

  • Represents company at industry events.




  • $160,000 per annum - benefits.


How qualified applicants should apply for this job:


  • On/before March 15, 2021, email resume to

  • Resume/cover letter must address each of the Minimum Educational Requirements and Minimum Experience Requirements listed above.

  • No phone calls, please.


Equal Employment/Affirmative /Action Employer

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